Jim Parsons does not remember anything of the day he died. His wife Kelly does.

Jim Parsons does not remember anything of the day he died. His wife Kelly does.

“He was in his office when he arrested, and one of his employees just kind of felt like something was wrong. Jim had said that he felt dizzy and then went into his office to sit down and collapsed. And so we are not sure how long that was, but his staff did start CPR on him. They learned it in high school… ” Kelly recalls.

Jim suffered a sudden cardiac arrest from a blockage in several blood vessels that supply blood to the heart. Thanks to a quick reaction from Jim’s co-workers, response from Central Skagit Medic One and Mount Vernon Fire Department paramedics and EMT’s and the cardiac care received at Skagit Valley Hospital, Jim is alive today.

“[I] witnessed about 10 miracles all in one day. It’s a little overwhelming. “Kelly said. She believes that Jim was lucky that all the parts of Skagit County emergency response system were in place that day. Without it she believes that the outcome would have been different.

“I’d be a widow. At 34-years-old I’d be a widow. We were married just 9 months when this happened. It would have been really hard. He wouldn’t have made it. There’s no way, “Kelly said, fighting back tears.

A year later, Jim is steadily improving. He appears to have no damage to his heart and no permanent brain damage.

“I don’t think my balance is as good as it used to be. Other than that, I don’t have a job, “Jim says with a laugh.

Kelly states that she wants to make sure that the county emergency medical services stay in place.

“You don’t know how thankful you are going to be until you need it. It’s one of those things that you kind of take for granted… that they are just going to be there. And they are. And I am worried that if there are cuts that other people won’t get the same kind of treatment we were able to get. And that’s pretty terrifying. “